BMG fully understands the importance of maximizing value in the shortest time possible. Below please find a partial list of residential asset management services performed regarding the sale of your property:

  • Obtain initial property inspection, determine occupancy and condition.
  • Coordinate any “cash for keys” program or eviction, if required.
  • Interview a minimum of two (2) licensed real estate agents and provide broker recommendation to client.
  • Secure a minimum of two (2) broker price opinions (“BPO’s”) and a full appraisal (upon request) for each property.
  • Complete a review and reconciliation of the BPO’s and appraisal & provide list price recommendation to client.
  • Analyze the tradeoffs between capital expenditures for repairs or renovation and their impact on the sales price, marketing time and net return.
  • Secure bids from, and monitor the work performed by, licensed contractors and other vendors for any required repairs, trash-outs or approved renovations.
  • Utilize BMG’s network and bulk pricing to provide client with discounted fees on any and all services.
  • Obtain any necessary inspection, mold, roof, and other reports, as needed.
  • Implement monthly property maintenance for all services and pay vendors for services provided on behalf of client.
  • Obtain a preliminary title report and review same for vesting information, title defects or liens.
  • Provide client with comprehensive marketing plan which includes a review of the subject property, the current market conditions, its current physical condition and a review of the preliminary title report. Recommendations regarding the broker selection, list price, repairs and/or renovations are also included.
  • On client’s behalf, execute the listing agreement and oversee the broker’s marketing activities to ensure adequate marketing of the property.
  • Negotiate the successful sale of the property at the highest price with the highest net proceeds possible.
  • Provide expert oversight of the closing process through the delivery of the closing proceeds to the client.

For more information about our Residential Asset Management Services, please contact us today.