If would like to obtain an accurate, current market value for your asset, BMG can be of assistance. Upon your request, BMG will order, obtain and review an opinion of value for your property from an experienced, licensed real estate broker or appraiser.

The final opinion of value considers many factors, including the condition of your property, competitive listings and comparable sold properties. The opinions of value and appraisals can be completed with an interior inspection or without an interior inspection (commonly referred to as a “drive-by” valuation). These valuations typically include photos of the property, three listing comparables, three sales comparables, a list of repair recommendations and an “as is” and repaired value.

Based on our extensive experience, BMG’s focus on the valuation process is concentrated mainly on the quality control and final review. Our highly experienced staff of real estate professionals will review and approve your valuation before it is presented to you.

For more information about our Residential Valuation & Commercial Valuation Services, please contact us today.