Benjamin Management Group (“BMG”) is a full-service commercial and residential asset management company, which provides a diversified portfolio of disposition and marketing services to financial institutions, mortgage servicers, government agencies, investors and corporations nationwide. We offer the highest level of asset management service available in today’s marketplace, and have but one goal: to liquidate non-performing REO assets while ensuring that our clients obtain the highest capital recovery in the shortest amount of time. BMG is trusted by clients nationwide to manage high-volume portfolios because we consistently provide unmatched service and deliver results.

BMG’s servicing background allows for a client’s perspective in the management of assets. Each team member understands the focus that must encompass repair and maintenance, cost containment, the shortest marketing and holding periods possible, and a sales price that maximizes financial recovery. Because we are dedicated to providing exceptional service, BMG’s management team is comprised of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of REO management, from initial assignment through the closing of escrow. Furthermore, the BMG team includes an in-house Quality Control Department that specializes in the review of BPO’s for accuracy and validity. To date, BMG’s Quality Control Department has conducted over 200,000 reviews.

BMG is not a newcomer to the industry – its management team has earned an excellent reputation through years of experience and achievement. Our core management team has worked together for over two decades, managing and selling more than 9,000 properties generating in excess of $2 Billion.